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one september afternoon i walked out into the world,

speared with longing, a figure ripped

from a pieta, and the lust to roam

a fiery spark glistening within as i lay

upon the furnace of emetic thoughts and half-remembered feelings.


i walked in the twilight of that season between seasons

motion transfigured me and

i walked under gray clouds smothered

by my saturnine disposition,  misery a long coat upon my shoulders

fabric dragging behind, a long ribbon

of muffled stars trailing the indigo sky.


i walked beneath swaying palms with spinach green leaves

shaking loose onto soggy ground—air ripe with stale rain

and in the distance i saw a green-haired girl, locks straddling

her waist, wearing a sundress with sunflowers stitched

in haphazard patterns and where she walked seeds sprouted

rebelling against the wind, small tufts of verdure resisting perdition’s wish

and when i shouted to her, to ask her name she replied i am chance

and with a flickering light, the flash

of a shining diadem stashed in a pocket, she vanished.


the earth groaned and pink and green and gold grew brown

and children became corpses rolling over into high waters

after a soft groan and the ditches filled with blood and fish

flopped onto rooftops and the flood did not abate


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