three birds in a nest

Picture writing prompt.

three birds in a nest


one is dappled with flecks

of straw preening his feathers

eager to make his fluffy downing

glisten in morning sunlight

he is a solitary shack in a soundless

forest and when a tree falls

with no one to witness it

the vibrations choir him to flight



two was the first brother to hatch

his pink flesh drizzled in amniotic fluid

he watched his brothers slowly emerge

from tan eggshells speckled and spotted

in intricate codes that only nature could decipher

he would hover above them until their heads broke free

and when they did he would peck and peck

with his fat beak until the birds were initiated

into the rites of cruelty but then he aged and became wise

studied yoga and astrology the secret magnetic forces

underpinning our existence and when a violent wind

upended twigs and tufts of foliage plummeted

from above, his light body rested stationary and immovable



three has a hobbling gait

he is buckled under with the weight of fear

cursed with a sizable slowness

one of his wings is shorter than the other

and when he looks up he sees the sky in shades

of gray and beige a place populated with gears and

gigantic wheels which crush cripples who venture out

the world is ripe with wildness and no one knows this

like he does when the auras of everything are tinged with foreboding

when he shuts his eyes and nestles deep tuning into his brain waves

the vision of his body streaking jets of scarlet arrives ringing in his ears

until the sun unfolds itself from the ground and throughout the day

as he tidies up the nest one can only wonder if he is part of this world

or some other one or what he imagines effortlessly on his mind’s moving reels


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